The Company mission is:

  • Supplying households with drinking water and sewage services to the town of Altafulla and the areas under their responsibilityand all necessary water services. These include the abstraction, allegation, treatment and distribution of drinking water, conserving works and installations and maintaining meters, customer management, billing, invoicing and receiving payments for the latter.
  • All inclusive sewage services, including the collection and disposal of waste and rain water within the area of influence of the said municipalities.
  • The conservation, exploitation, construction and amplification of all existing installations or those that could affect the municipal drinking water supply and sewage services, conforming to the measures stipulated in the Contract Specifications included in the conditions required by the Altafulla council.
  • Charging the corresponding tariffs and rates to the beneficiaries of the services for the same and any other tariff or rate agreed between the Company and the council.
  • Carrying out any other action related to the above and required by the Altafulla council.
  • All activities within the Company mission can be carried out by the Company, within the territorial boundaries corresponding to the people and/or entities that freely agree to the services, by any legal means.